The Schuylkill River and the Schuylkill River Trail are exceptional resources for paddling, fishing, bird watching, hiking, biking, running, and so much more. The best way to protect, restore, and improve these resources are through collaboration with our local governments, communities, and individuals. By getting involved, you can help protect, restore, and improve these resources.

Schuylkill River Towns’ Goals

County and municipal governments are constantly juggling projects to improve their community; those projects are often based on public input and ideas. Advocacy is the act of supporting or promoting a cause or idea and it begins with you!

The goals of the Schuylkill River Towns Program (SRTP) are to build stewardship for the river and the trail by providing opportunities, immersive activities and resources for people to enjoy the beauty, nature and experiences that the river and trail provide. Our program is based on the following goals:

1.       Empower SRTP communities to visibly serve as gateways to the river and trail

2.       Enhance & increase audience and advocacy

3.       Leverage river and trail as tools for community and economic development

4.      Establish a long-term sustainability plan for program

Collectively, achieving these goals will result in enhanced stewardship of the river and trail, benefiting the town and its’ residents now, and in generations to come. Check out some advocacy issues you can support in your community: 

Get Involved with the Action Teams

Each participating town in the Schuylkill River Town Program has an Action Team comprised of residents and business owners. These Action Teams work together to improve access and enjoyment of the river and trail. The SRTP depends on Action Team volunteers to make the program successful. We value passion for your community and the individual skills that our members provide to help facilitate change. Together we can take actions that will benefit you and your community’s health, as well as your town’s economic vitality.

Action Team Members:

       Attend AT meetings whenever possible

       Participate in events

       Collaborate on ideas and projects to enhance the goals of the SRTP

       Spread the word about the program and invite friends, neighbors and co-workers to participate

       Provide unique skills that contribute to the success of an event or the program at large

If you’re interested in working on the Action Team in your town or have any questions, please contact Lizzie Hessek: or to learn more click the links below.

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